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Which version of iOS for which phone? Compatibility list.

September 2021

Programmed software obsolescence is the acceleration of a device’s aging by updating its operating system. It’s ugly, and it’s extremely pernicious.

If your iPhone is compatible with iOS 14 (iPhone 6s and above), you will not have any compatibility issue with apps from the App Store. If your iPhone is compatible with iOS 12 or higher (so iPhone 5S and above), you should be fine for most apps.

If you want to make sure what apps work on your iPhone, take a look at this page. You can select at the top of the page your device, your iOS version and the type of apps you want to check.

To make it short, here is what you can’t do with an iPhone 6 (iOS 12), for instance:

As far as games are concerned, you should be fine.

And to help you see things more clearly, here’s a list of supported iOS versions for each iPhone :


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