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What if we didn’t put any new stuff under the Christmas tree this year?

December 2019

With Christmas not far away, everyone’s rushing around trying to find the perfect gift. The problem is, all this rampant consumption of millions of new products that have to be transported across the world has a huge impact on our planet. We’ve got a great idea to help you avoid over-spending and reduce your carbon footprint at Christmas: what about not buying any new products this year?

For a refurbished Christmas


Back Market is Europe’s first marketplace for refurbished products. In a nutshell, we’re fighting built-in obsolescence and electronic waste. And what’s different for you if you buy something on the platform? Let’s say that by giving a new home to a refurbished product, you save between 30% and 70% on the price compared to the new version, but with the same level of quality. And when you buy a smartphone, for example, you’re avoiding the waste of more than 40 rare-earth elements and over 50 kg of CO2.

So for Christmas, it seems perfectly natural to us to offer you a selection of refurbished gifts.

Christmas gift ideas for all the family

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your parents?

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner for your dad?

An Apple Watch for your mom?

And for the teens?

You can’t go wrong with a refurbished smartphone. There are two options for this:

Need some more Christmas gift ideas?


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