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What are the alternatives to the new iPhone?

October 2018

The iPhone XS just came out and you do not have the resources, are not frankly convinced, or are doing an anti-Apple crusade? What solutions are available to you in the vast smartphone market to find the one that suits you and competes with the iPhone at a (much) better price?

Huawei P20 Pro

The Huawei P20 Pro is positioned as the direct competitor to the XS. Of substantially similar sizes, both smartphones have an OLED screen and compete equally on the power side. However, when it comes to battery life, the iPhone suffers from the comparison. With a processor entirely dedicated to intelligent photo processing software, Huawei and the iPhone are equipped with two 12 MP lenses, including a telephoto lens. Big advantage of the Chinese Smartphone concerning the front camera: 24 MP for the P20 Pro compared to 7 for the XS. That could make some top-notch selfies! On the cost side, the Huawei is vastly more affordable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

More expensive than the Huawei but less than the iPhone, the Galaxy Note 9 is a success and a really powerful smartphone. Its S-Pen Bluetooth stylus can remotely direct the Galaxy, and this device also stands out as one of the most capable photophones in the 2018 market. Concerning the screen, you can’t find better than its Super AMOLED 6.4 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Far less expensive, the Galaxy S9 Plus has an OLED screen and comparable technical capabilities. On the photography side, the S9 Plus incorporates a dual back camera like the iPhone XS, and competes without a problem. A downside, however, the chaotic interface and the battery life is where it is worse than the iPhone XS.

HTC U12+

Equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB of RAM, what can match its speed? Also classified as one of the best photophones of the year, the HTC U12+ has a dual camera in the front and on the back. The user interface of the Taiwanese brand Sense provides an excellent experience, different from the other overlays of the competition. This high-end Android is an excellent alternative at under 800€.

OnePlus 6

Unbeatable in this category at the price level, the OnePlus 6 has a huge battery life and far exceeds the capabilities of the iPhone XS in terms of fast charging. It holds its own in terms of power and is on a par with Apple and Samsung. A smartphone that does not have all the capabilities of the iPhone XS, but still is not bad for half the price.

If the latest Apple does not suit you and nothing in this list really appeals to you, take a tour of our departments, you will surely find a rare pearl!


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