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Ways to help your tech last for almost ever: Reuse (3/4)

March 2022

Just because you’re ready to move on, doesn’t mean that your device is ready to drop dead. Make a buck, and sell your device to a refurbisher. Or give it to someone in your family or your community.


Disconnect your accounts and delete all your personal data

Safety first! Your device shouldn’t leave your hands with your data still in it. Disconnect your Google or iCloud accounts, back up any files you’d like to keep, and then reset your device.


Sell your device 

You can sell your device at a lot of different places online, but if you want a hassle-free transaction and a fair price try Back Market’s BuyBack program. It’s currently live in the United States, France, and Germany, and will be launching in more countries soon.


With BuyBack, you get cash not store credit for your device. And with thousands of our expert refurbishers looking for electronics to flip, you should have an offer and a prepaid shipping label before you can say cheese. Try BuyBack

Find a place to donate your device 

Lots of different charities would be happy to accept your device. It’s really up to you which community you’d like to donate to — whether you’d like to support veterans, protect endangered animals, or domestic violence victims, you can find a somewhat comprehensive list here: Donate my device to charity


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