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The smartphone that fixes Itself

December 2017

Motorola is planning a self-repairing smartphoneOKthat word doesn’t exist yet, but thanks to them, it soon will …


The Main Idea

Scenario 1: while watching soccer, you yell at the referee who just blew a penalty whistle. Furious, you throw yourself back onto the couch… forgetting that you have your beautiful iPhone in your back pocket.

Scenario 2: you’re tying your shoes and your telephone falls out of your blouse pocket (note: another reason not to wear blouses…)

Scenario 3: you forcefully shake out a tablecloth… And drop the Samsung S8 you forgot the table.

The common denominatorYou just cracked your screen. Bingo. After you’re done complaining, and if your virtual best friend still works (lucky you), you’re still doomed to either either finding a certified telephone repairer (no, not the guy at your corner store who is also a butcher and a barber), or to live with a damaged telephone.

The Motorola Patent

And tThat’s where Motorola comessteps in. Rather than designing an unbreakable screen (already done, so 2016), it just registered a patent for a self-repairing screen. When we found out about it here at Back Market, we immediately thought of the scene at the end of the Terminator where he fixes himself up with a scalpel and screwdriver in a motel.

We were – vjust very slightly – disappointed when we learned that the screen in question would not n’t have any arms or self-awareness. No, it self-repairing screen *only* means using shape memory polymers whothat, upon contact with heat, return to their initial form, and therefore can eraseerasing impact damage.

What Does This Mean for Tomorrow?

We can therefore reasonably assume that Motorola will putrelease smartphones equipped with this technology soon. For minorless minor impactsdings (Christophe de Carglass would say, “smaller than a silver dollar”, but you get the idea), you’ll probably need to place the phone on a base and not touch it until it fixes itself

Uh, what was that magic spell in Harry Potter for fixing screens?


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