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October 2018

Samsung is announcing two new models of the Galaxy for the beginning of 2019. The Galaxy S10 will be equipped with a 6.2-inch screen and the S10 will have a 6.44-inch screen. We have also heard that Samsung has designed a third model with a smaller screen measuring 5.8 inches. The 4K/Ultra HD screens will offer a resolution of 600 ppi. According to the analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, screens should measure 6.1 and 6.4 inches. These differences are not notable, and no one would notice them, no matter their actual format.

So, here are the different rumors we have heard, which can be confirmed in a few months.


DigiTimes implies that the Galaxy S10 will be equipped with a third-generation ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that can be found under the screen. This rumor could be “real” information because ETNews confirms that Qualcomm is sending Samsung its famous sensors. If the three versions in question are released, the first two will be equipped with this revolutionary device that is this ultrasonic sensor. The light version will also be equipped with a sensor, but it will be an optical sensor, like those that can already be found on several of the brand’s competitors.


The graphic chip will be hyper powerful, and screen quality is expected with 7nm. The borderless screen also appears to occupy more than 90% of the surface-screen ratio. Samsung has never wanted notches on its smartphones, so they have also found a way to hide the speaker under the screen of the phone. The phone uses a piezoelectric speaker such as that of Xioami Mi Mix.

A photo of the Galaxy S10 plus

Progress has not stopped in this area, and this wonder of technology will be equipped with 5 sensors. It will have 2 on the front, to be used for selfies, and 3 on the back. However, it does not have autofocus or classic image stabilization because it is electronic. It will have wide angle of 123 degrees at 16 MP and opening at 1.9 as well as a double-opening sensor from 1.5-2.4 and 12 MP. Other more recent info on the triple sensor has come out, such as the possibility of a 12 MP sensor equipped with 3 X 13 MP zoom and a wide angle 16 MP. We have heard from informed sources that the Galaxy S10 is compatible with 5G, but only in limited edition at a price that is even more exorbitant than the other versions.

And the design?

The Galaxy S10 won’t necessarily be very different from the Samsung Galaxy S9 from an aesthetic viewpoint. Once the screen-body ratio will be updated from the S9. Rumors also say that the design of the S9 will be a reference point for the S10, but the CEO of Samsung mobile remains vague on this point, affirming a major design change for this device. We have also noted that other rumors announce that chin of the S10 will be twice as small as that of the S9 in the space where the photo sensors are lodged.


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