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The best student plans are on Back Market

September 2019

Going onto higher education and need suitable electronic equipment? This is the right time to take advantage of good Back Market offers: college students benefit from a special offer on all our products, refurbished and certified to conform to our quality charter.

By buying your electronic equipment from Back Market you already benefit from 30 to 50% savings compared to buying new products. And as a college student, you get an additional 5% discount on the entire catalog. It’s that simple. But this isn’t just beneficial to your wallet. Remember that buying refurbished equipment can reduce the carbon footprint of your acquisition by 80%. Not to mention the fact that you it’s a great way to participate in the fight against planned obsolescence and electronic waste.

So if there is anything you need, now is the moment!

💥 Take advantage of your 5% discount!


4 high-tech product categories for students

So your buddy is a die-hard fan of the 3310? Now is the time to convince him to upgrade. Yes, yes, he will finally be able to answer your messages about your joint project on time. And if he buys it on Back Market, he is helping the students of tomorrow.

Tired of scribbling on paper during class? You can find something more comfortable for taking notes right here on the site.

Lighter than a computer and a screen bigger than a smartphone, the tablet is the perfect tool for reading over your files while on the metro.

OK, so it’s not really that conducive to successful studies! But relaxing with a bit of down time is important, even during study periods before exams.

Best ideas for kitting out your apartment for less 

Coffee, or student fuel! Getting to the faculty machine for the 10am break is pretty much essential. But being able to provide good coffee at home during afternoons working on group projects is pretty important too.

Roommates are a little untidy and have a bad habit of leaving everything dirty? Sweeping is exhausting, so why not adopt a reconditioned vacuum cleaner?

Of course, these are just a few of the many products available at great prices on Back Market. Make sure to come visit us to find the equipment you need to make your student life more enjoyable.


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