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The app download is dead. Proof times 6?

December 2017

This may come as a surprise, especially if we take a look at our jam-packed smartphone screens, but yes, the app market is in danger. But why have we stopped downloading?

Because there’s no more space

It’s the drama of the century: “saturated storage”. While we’d like to give in to the 7th app that promises cheap everyday recipes that can be made in 10 minutes, the answer is no. We’ve tried to negotiate and delete 4 photos from our weekend in Angouleme but still no dice. Few phones offer an external memory option which is a long-running problem that keeps out new apps.

Because they don’t work anymore

Do you have an iPhone older than Rihanna’s last tattoo? Don’t expect to enjoy the latest apps or even to update the ones you have. It’s very likely that they won’t be compatible with your old faithful. Tired of the struggle, you throw in the towel…

Because we can’t find them

At the launch of Apple’s App store (in 2010, otherwise known as the year Justin Bieber’s first album came out) there were 500 apps. Nowthere are more than 1 million. Same goes for Android: the market is saturated and given the lack of UX in these hubs, it’s no wonder that we no longer have the desire to search for that rare pearl.

Because there’s already an easier way

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) suck the blood out of its users and incessantly develop features to access content and services through their own app.

Besides, most websites have smartphone and tablet friendly sites. No added value in downloading anything.

Because we’re not hungry anymore

What if the app market has simply reached maximum size? We loved flocking to Angry Birds and being the first to have Candy Crush but maybe the trend has just passed. Most of us hang out on the same 4 apps and lead a perfectly normal life.

So should we pronounce time of death right away?

Maybe give it a second…At a second glance, even in the app overloaded West, some apps are still managing to stand out of the crowd, like Snapchat or Uber (100% download growth this year).

And the rest of the world still hasn’t had the last word with its exponential smartphone acquisition rate… App El Dorado definitely still lies out there.


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