Surprising Innovations

The boundless creativity of the most talented engineers in the High Tech industry is more promising than ever when it comes to developing surprising devices. 2020 will be no exception to the rule! 

Are flying cars coming soon?

Although it seems closer to a futuristic science fiction movie than reality, a flying car may well make its debut in the coming decade. Sounds like a crazy idea? Designed by engineers from Airbus, Audi, and Italdesign, Pop.Up Next is about to achieve this unbelievable feat! A 1:4 scale prototype for this project actually completed its first demo flight in November 2018.


A smart phone you can bend freely

Good news for fans of high-tech looking for innovations that will revolutionize their daily lives right now! The first smartphone with a bendable screen is about to hit the market. Sold by Samsung, it is based on the implementation of an Amoled Infinite Flex Display screen, which can be freely folded and unfolded. The idea behind it is simple: creating a hybrid product that can be used either as a tablet or as a smartphone. Huawei will soon follow in the Korean leader’s footsteps.

The Universal Charger

The simplest ideas are often said to the be the best. Today, the French team behind X-Moove aims to follow that old adage. Discreetly plugged into an electrical outlet and placed on a desk, the Energy Station can charge 5 different devices at the same time. Meanwhile, the latest generation of smart phones can be charged using the wireless charger on the surface of the charging station. A 40-watt USB-C port also allows users to plug in their laptop. When not in use, the Energy Station also provides cable storage thanks to a tray on the side. Simple, practical, and effective!

High-Definition Vinyl

A real treat for music lovers. Vinyls have been back in a big way for several years now. Rebeat plans to jump on this trend by selling the first high-definition 33-rpm records. What are the Austrian engineers promising? Increased audio quality using 3D music playback and 30% greater storage space. This innovation is made possible by the democratization of a new inscribing technique. Done using a laser, it allows more precise grooves to be cut into the record. No need to throw out your old record player, though. Old audio equipment will be able to play these new 33 rpm discs.


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