Shortcuts to take iOS to the next level

December 2021

We’ve come so far since the release of the first version of the very first smartphone! The iPhone revolution came along and blew away everything in its path. Now an ergonomic arms race has pushed Apple and its pals to focus endless creativity and ingenuity on making daily use more intuitive and, above all, on prioritizing an ever-increasing number of functions and apps. You too can rule over your iPhone and impress your friends with shortcuts even Tim Cook doesn’t know. Back Market is here to give you some awesome tips as usual. 

The Control Center

The name might make it might seem like something from Star Trek, but it’s right there on your smartphone. On the iPhone, the Control Center interface allows you to activate or deactivate basic functions in a snap from any screen (home screen, lock screen or even from apps). You can access it by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the screen.

Want to personalize your options? Fear not, Apple thought of that (but you suspected as much, didn’t you?). You just need to fiddle around in the settings to choose which functions or apps you want to appear.

The Notification Center

Another name that makes us feel like we’re working at NASA! But it’s just a very serious name for the summary of recently received notifications, accessed by swiping your finger down from the top of the screen. Most notifications come from social networks, e-mails, texts and news sites. They also have a tendency to gobble up your battery life and multiply like rabbits (do you really need a notification every time your Aunt Karen likes a picture of your dog on Facebook?). If you want to get your notifications in order, head to Settings, where you can manage which apps send notifications, what types of notifications you want, etc. It’s also useful to group notifications by app. That way, instead of text messages piling up one on top of the other, they’ll be grouped together in a single notification.

You can also specify the notification style: for example, do you really want the text from “Honey Bear” reminding you to confirm your moustache waxing appointment at 2pm to appear in its entirety on your screen in the middle of a meeting with your boss? We didn’t think so. Go for a more neutral notification style…

You can also decide which actions are possible from the notification: press and hold, sweep left or sweep right to respond to an e-mail, mark as read or delete. It’s all customizable!

iOS 12 Widget View

This app summary is accessible from the home screen by swiping from left to right. It will show you a condensed version of weather updates, calendar events and news. Once again, you can decide which apps are the most useful.

Now it’s your turn – time to play with your settings until you drop!


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