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Pushing Back Earth Overshoot Day: The Challenge

August 2019

Earth Overshoot Day is calculated every year by the NGO Global Footprint Network  and the WWF. This year it falls on July 29, 2019. Yes, that was two weeks ago. So we have a challenge for you, and it concerns our common ecological footprint.

The problem:

  • Humanity uses natural resources 75 times faster than they can regenerate.
  • As of today, humanity has used up more renewable resources than the earth can provide in a year (water, trees, fertile soil, fish, etc.).
  • We have also emitted more CO2 than the oceans and forests can absorb.
  • We need 7 planets to continue to live without destroying our ecosystems.

Your mission: Help humanity win a few days

To give you some idea, we get:

93 Days, If we reduce our CO2 emissions by 50%.

15 Days, If we halve the amount of animal protein we consume.

10 Days, If we halve food waste.


Does that seem too abstract? Basically, by making a few practical, everyday changes, you can help push back the end of the world (sorry, Earth Overshoot Day).

  • Put less in the garbage: cook more, buy in bulk, compost (you can even raise worms, they’re kinda cute).
  • Make your own hygiene products, or buy alternatives: natural deodorant without plastic, solid toothpaste, etc.
  • Take public transit (or why not try a reconditioned electric scooter).
  • Eat less meat.
  • Reduce your heating and air conditioning use (within reason, of course, we’re not asking you to die of cold in winter or pass out from the heat in summer).
  • Don’t buy things new: go for secondhand clothing and reconditioned products (for that, we’re here to help 😊).

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