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Maria Sanda, Legal Counsel at Back Market

October 2020

Hello! Who are you?

Hi! I am Maria, I was born in Niger and raised in Paris. I studied law in university Paris 12 and majored in intellectual property and IT law at HEAD law school.

Back Market was my first internship and since everything worked out well, so I have stayed!

What do you do at Back Market?

I joined a year ago and as a legal counsel, my everyday job is to advise the teams and anticipate their needs when a new project is announced.

As we have a lot of business partners and providers, I review the contracts to make sure that the company’s legal interests are insured.

Since it is a very current and important topic, I also work every day on data privacy along with Caroline, the head of legal and Piotr who is in charge of IT security.

What is your typical day at Back Market?

As many of my coworkers at Back Market will tell you… I don’t have a typical day.

I would say that my daily routine includes a lot of meetings to better understand the teams’ legal needs and a lot of tea of course!

Why have you joined the company?

I joined Back Market mainly because the company is so ambitious. I love a good challenge and I wanted to be proud to say that I work for a company that makes an environmental commitment.

But to be honest, I just wanted to see the people who make those hilarious ads I see all over Paris.

What is your favorite product on the platform?

The iPhone XR, great value and performance. I am actually typing on it right now.

What is your funkiest anecdote at Back Market?

Impossible to choose! You never know who or what will greet you when you enter the offices.

What was the last app you have installed on your smartphone?

Yuka, an app that rates the products you consume based on their impact on your health. I was very late to the trend but it really helps me make better purchases.

What was your last ecological act?

I started taking shorter showers. It sounded hard to me but cutting three minutes from every shower makes a significant impact in the long run. You should try!

What is your mantra?

 Excelsior! – Stan Lee

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