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Making the case: Marry a ThinkPad not a MacBook

March 2019

Everyone is all about the MacBook. Why not? It looks good, works well, and seems to serve as a kind of social signal. It says: I’m current and hip and creative. Why not? Apart from being a little overpriced, there’s nothing wrong with taking home a MacBook.


And yet, I’m here today to argue that the ThinkPad truly gives the MacBook a run for its money in terms of desirability, especially as a high-end business laptop. To make a simple analogy – the ThinkPad is that person you’ll be glad you married instead of that creative but mercurial debate club dude/chick that you worshipped in college.

Straightforward, earnest, stable and available.

The ThinkPad is understated but not boring, and it’s incredibly powerful. Think Superman underneath those dorky Clark Kent glasses. There must be a reason why NASA uses these powerful computers to train their crew and develop their software. The ThinkPad is also the only laptop certified for use in the International Space Station. Here are a few of the things that make the ThinkPad a sure bet, even over that sexy MacBook:

Excellent Keyboard: It just feels right – and it’s designed for fast, accurate typing. The ThinkPad keyboard has previously been dubbed the highest quality laptop keyboard available by Laptop Magazine. ‘Nuff said.

Connectivity: Even the latest ThinkPads have excellent legacy support, making USB-A 3.1, USB-C, and HDMI ports, as well as with microSD card readers available to users. Who doesn’t want to have those options? (MacBook users apparently – newer models only have USB-C ports).

Runs Linux Well: It’s been said that the ThinkPad + Linux experience is pretty unbeatable. While you can install Linux on your MacBook, it’s simply not the best for running native Linux programs.

Space: Not to beat a dead horse with a stick here but…c’mon. This laptop is used by astronauts. In outer space! People need to know about this. And you can tell them all about it when you’re working from Starbucks – because for sure people will be wondering why you’re not using a MacBook.

So yeah, If you’re more about function than form (although the ThinkPad is by no means bad-looking), and are looking for durability and an excellent keyboard – look no further, the ThinkPad is it.


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