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Lisa, the app that predicts your Instagram photos’ success

December 2017

Imagine Terminator with a sulky blogger’s pout, a flashy pink inflatable toy, a cocktail in hand, chilling with Beyoncé at an oceanview pool in IbizaHighly instagrammableright?

Lisa is the personal art director that tells you which photo and hashtag to choose for your Instagram

Lisa could well be the female counterpart to Terminator – a smartphone app with artificial intelligence capable of statistically predicting which photo will be most popular on social media’s top network.

If you’re on the quest for notoriety, Lisa’s got your back and will bring you insta-glory. #WhoNeedsABestie

Artificial intelligence in the name of followers?

This app a learning machine. In the past, it mostly played chess but now, you can ask it to analyze your last 87 bathing suit selfies to find out which one will have the most likes based on your other photos and similar groups of photos online.

The cherry on top: it can even hands you the hashtags that will propel your #PicOfTheDay to the rank of masterpiece.

Possible uses…and limits?

We agree, some spontaneity is lost. But honestly, who is actually transparent on Instagram? Since Kim K and Mariah C institutionalized the use of Photoshop, anything goes.

Mariah Carey Diva GIF

First, we think of the brands and media that will take advantage of Lisa to choose more and more visible and attractive content for their audience.

The downside though: do we risk running in circles? If Lisa realized that the most popular photos consist of overedited soulless selfies, it’s a safe bet that she won’t offer much more than that in the following years.

#Robobarbie #Boring

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