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iOS12.1 Always more emojis

December 2021

  The first update of the 12th version of iOS will be released soon and, in addition to correcting some annoying problems, it will also introduce a fresh batch of new emojis. 

70 new emojis

This information has been directly confirmed by Apple. It’s not exactly the earth-shattering news you were initially expecting, but here it is: people with curly hair, gray hair, red hair and even those with no hair, will soon have their own emojis. So, what about those with a Mohawk haircut ?

To think that your iPhone is about to become an inexhaustible source of icons that will represent and please everyone.

If you are in to sports, and if you play a marginal sport in France like Ultimate Frisbee or softball, you’ll be happy to know that soon you can add the icon of your favorite sport to your messages. The same goes for skateboarders and hikers. Outdoor adventurers can also celebrate the addition of new emojis representing hiking boots and a compass.

Apple is also expanding its zoology icons. From the swan to the kangaroo, not to mention the peacock and the unlikely lobster and mosquito, this bestiary, which would even make Noah green with envy, will soon be available to enhance your messages. What about protozoans and bacteria ?

Our particular favorites are the cold frozen-faced smiley and the pleading emoji with tear-filled puppy dog eyes.

For now, the new emojis are only available in the beta version but, although the exact date is not yet known, the final iOS 12.1 version will be released sometime this fall. These amazing emojis are also coming soon to Mac and Apple Watch.


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