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Hugo, Account Manager for France at Back Market

November 2020

Hello! Who are you?

Hello, I’m Hugo and I’m an Account Manager at Back Market. I was born in Paris, moved to Switzerland for 6 years and then came back to live in Lille 13 years ago. There, I studied Business at IESEG School of Management. I did my end-of-studies internship at Back Market and here I am.

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What do you do at Back Market?

I joined Back Market in January 2020 as an « Account Manager France » for the Buy&Sell Stores Team.

As part of the supply team, I manage a portfolio of 140 accounts, my goal is to secure the offer on Back Market. My main objective is to help our merchants to develop their business on our marketplace. All of my merchants are key for Back Market’s strategy as they are proposing products that are rare on the market.

What is your typical day at Back Market?

First thing’s first, there is no typical day at Back Market and this is why I love working here.

But the thing that I need to check every day are the sales of the previous day of all my accounts. It’s important to identify which merchants are not performing and help them to find solutions. I need to make sure that the offer of my merchants is good in terms of quality and pricing.

Then, I must build a strong and lasting relationship with them, which is why I spend a lot of time talking, discussing and sharing with them to understand their needs and meet them.

Finally, a big part of my time is dedicated to a project at Back Market. In my case, I help the Buyback team by providing them feedback, ideas and projects in order to develop the service.

Why have you joined the company?

I’ve joined Back Market because I believe in the project – refurbished should become the norm, the purchase of new products should be the alternative. I also want my work to have a meaning and Back Market is the perfect place for this.

What is your favorite product on the platform?

My favorite product is the Apple Watch (Series 5) refurbished as I use it a lot when I’m jogging in Paris. It gives you data on your performance and makes jogging easier.

What is your funniest anecdote at Back Market?

One month after joining Back Market, It was the first time that I was travelling to Lyon in order to visit a merchant with my manager. And you know what? I missed the train… #GoodStart

What was the last app you have installed on your smartphone?

I’ve installed the app Day by Day. An App that delivers to your place vrac (buying in bulks & avoiding packaging) products.

What was your last ecological act?

I’ve recently started to reduce my carbon footprint by buying vrac products which significantly reduces the use of plastics.

What is your mantra?

As our dear friend Frank Ribéry said : « La rouetourne va vite tourner »

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