Emojis paint the town red

Emojis are so omnipresent in our daily lives that we start to think our IRL (In Real Life) conversations need a ? or a ??, and probably a ??‍♂️ .
The enduring popularity of these universal symbols (since the days when you first typed “;-)” to your seventh-grade crush on your Nokia 3310) is a barometer of social media and pop culture.
And, as it does every year, the Unicode committee has officially announced the new additions for 2018.
Back Market brings you our favorites.

The Ed Sheeran Committee triumphs: the redhead emoji is one you won’t forget

Julianne Moore revived the debate. Jessica Chastain ruled the red carpet to the point of exhaustion. Ed Sheeran decided to make a cameo in “Game of Thrones.” But it was Miss France who really brought it home at an international level: We need a redhead emoji, dang it!



It’s finally settled. The Unicode committee (which validates every emoji) has even gone as far as providing bald heads, Afros and white hair. The lack of representation in emojis was admittedly the main source of tension, and what crystallized the debate up until now. I’ve just been told that Scotland is cancelling its nuclear missile deployment, phew!

Even more gestures, expressions and accessories

The list of “face” emojis, less controversial but just as telling, has also grown (me happy, me sad, me angry, me tired, etc.). So has the list of different body parts, clothing, and accessories.
If you’re fed up with long smartphone tirades, a lineup of emojis is better than a long speech. Soon, tweets won’t require more than a dozen characters anymore.

5 fruits and vegetables per day… for other people

In a standardized world where the contents of people’s stomachs look like a blogger’s Instagram account, adding cupcake and bagel emojis was only logical. To make up for it, a leaf of lettuce has also been added.
We should also note the addition of the mooncake (note: China=1.3 billion inhabitants).

 food & emojis

Daily life is killing us

We might as well have the right emojis to say so. From now on, you won’t need to send 3 km texts to complain about going broke from shopping too much.
Thanks to the shopping cart and receipt emojis, you can get chummy with a Dane and share your deepest feelings without even opening your mouth.

In the category of unlikely emojis

There are probably usage statistics out there for every emoji, but we know you won’t find these at the top of the list:

Petri dish (must be for complaining about biology class)


Lacrosse stick (to say that you play a sport that’s a hybrid of basketball, tennis, handball and Whose Line Is It Anyway?).


Two bricks (because just one brick would be so 2017)




Abacus (why?)

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