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6 tips for taking successful photos

Christmas is around the corner. Looking at last year’s family snapshots, is there room for improvement when it comes to taking cherished photos of your loved ones? (That’s right, “unforgettable” isn’t the point right now!) Well, there are rules for taking great photos. Relax, stay with us, we’re not going to bore you with focal distances or ISO frequency and whatnot. Just a few simple tips to keep in mind, we promise.

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iPhone: Top Tips to Free up Storage Space

You just love that pocket-sized computer known as your iPhone, and we fully understand. There’s just one problem: the storage space! Are you tired of seeing “insufficient storage space” pop up at the most inconvenient times? Back Market lists the simple steps you can take on your device to free up maximum memory. 
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World Cup

Don’t miss any World Cup results on any of your devices!

The World Cup is in full swing, and matches being held at 2 p.m. or 5 p.m. does not make life any easier for soccer fans. What’s the solution? Ask the government to eliminate the time difference with Russia. Or, follow match scores on mobile devices, tablets, computers, anywhere, anytime! Here’s a quick no-frills way to follow the FIFA World Cup! 
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securing your smartphone

Our 9 tips for securing your smartphone

You smartphone contains significant amounts of personal data. Securing access to your mobile prevents people from looking through its contents, and also blocks remote piracy. Today, mobile data theft is a growing risk, so follow these recommendations, you will ?. Continue Reading


10 Hidden Tricks On Your Mac

Beyond the beautiful mountain landscape visible on the desktop by default, there’s an intuitive operating system with a user interface that’s a lot easier to understand than you may have previously thought. Continue Reading