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Here’s to the lazy ones

Buy now, buy now, buy… we’re tired, aren’t you?

It’s that time of the year when all the corporate bigwigs put the pressure on us to dive deep into our pockets and throw money their way. Every deal is “hot” and every sale is “for Black Friday only.”


Once we hit pause and start looking around, a lot of things suddenly feel very suspect. A new iPhone is released and suddenly the model we bought just a year ago feels old and a little less cutting-edge. Of course, a new one is released pretty much every single year — just before the holidays. How convenient. And of course, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Day…all these days have been created to encourage and reward us to buy more than we need, even if it ends up in landfills after one or zero use.

Can we really say we’re free to make our own choices when psychological warfare is at play? Fortunately, we do have a few defenses. Like laziness.

Laziness is a great incentive to say no thanks to all the pressure. Be so lazy that you slow life down, even for a few seconds. Be so lazy that you ask “why?” and ponder so deep that you fall into a…nap. Be so lazy that you decide it’s not time to replace your tablet just yet. Laziness won’t save the planet on its own. But we think it can definitely help.

There’s a lazy one in all of us. Huzzah.

What do the grades on Back Market mean?

The Back Market grades are like the Spice Girls: each with their own personality, yet some sing better than others. For our devices (smartphone or other) it’s a little bit the same, even if each one is tested, verified, cleaned and guaranteed 100% functional.
So, are you more Posh or Sporty?

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The Small Victories of 2020

Making the best of a bad situation.

It’s a common expression, and given how last year went it’s all anyone could really do—us included. This was our mindset when we put together a few initiatives meant to make the world feel just a tiny bit brighter. From reducing our environmental footprint to fighting the digital divide, we wanted to share some of the good things that came out of last year and to start the year off with positive vibes.

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maria sanda juriste d'affaires back market

Maria Sanda, Legal Counsel at Back Market

Hello! Who are you?

Hi! I am Maria, I was born in Niger and raised in Paris. I studied law in university Paris 12 and majored in intellectual property and IT law at HEAD law school.

Back Market was my first internship and since everything worked out well, so I have stayed!

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Back Market just raised $120 million. Booyah.

Everyone at our office had already been anticipating stay-at-home orders to come to a (safe) close, but now we’ve reached straight-up Monster Truck Rally energy: Back Market has raised a cool 120 million dollars.

It’s a funny time to celebrate—a time when we’re not sure exactly how humanity will write the rest of the 21st century. Receiving this sum, at this moment, feels like both an affirmation of our mission and an incentive for us to write that mission into this changing world. There’s no better time than now to reintroduce a saner way of “consuming” electronics. That is,  giving people the option to buy, use and discard their electronics in a way that isn’t modeled on the image of inhaling and purging that “consuming” implies.

It’s a beautiful idea, but we’re not here to wax poetic. As Biggie used to say, “mo’ money, mo’ problems,” which is why we have made very concrete plans about how these Gs are going to be put into use. In no particular order:

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