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Samsung, sustainable and eco-friendly packaging

Attention, citizens of the planet (in danger)! (drum roll) Samsung is currently announcing its new eco-friendly policy.

15 February 2019 • 2min read

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Belt or Suspenders: Which Is the Green Choice?

In this holiday season of shopping and feasts, Back Market suggests keeping the environment in mind as you make your purchases!

2 January 2019 • 2min read

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Even a Tesla is recyclable!

Back Market is apparently not alone in being a fan of reconditioning ?

29 October 2018 • 2min read

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Our planet-killing emails

Every day, every hour, every minute, and even every second, billions of e-mail messages crisscross the globe, bouncing from one inbox to another at lightning speed.

15 October 2018 • 2min read

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Taylor Lane catches the upcycling wave, and it’s brilliant !

Back Market keeps an eye out for new ideas that help the Earth and make us think. We give a gold star to the ones that also promote mindful consumption and rational spending.

25 June 2018 • 2min read

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5 Ways to Make Your Gadget Habit Earth-Friendly For Earth Day

This Earth Day, we give gadget lovers 5 ways to show the planet a little love using just a little bit of common sense!

19 April 2018 • 6min read

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Bitcoin, an energy consumption black hole

Bitcoin is the new Godwin’s law: it’s a topic that arises out of nowhere and that very few people really understand, but it comes up as the conversation grows longer. Back Market will sort fact from fiction for you.

8 January 2018 • 3min read

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The smartphone that fixes Itself

Motorola is planning a self-repairing smartphone. OK, that word doesn’t exist yet, but thanks to them, it soon will …

30 December 2017 • 2min read

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Yes, Apple slows down its iPhones… But “it’s for their own good”

A fault confessed is half redressed, Granny always said. And mkay, when you mix Apple + planned obsolescence + 1 billion customers + huge marketing stakes, there’s no guarantee of complete honesty.

28 December 2017 • 2min read

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Spotted In Sweden: the world’s first supermarket dedicated entirely to recycled products

With 99% of its household waste recycled, Sweden is one of the places leading the way in the circular economy, and since 2015 has been home to a unique shopping mall unlike any

5 December 2017 • 3min read