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Cyriac Barrois, Buyback Operations Manager at Back Market

I’m originally from Lille in France. In 2018, I graduated from ITEEM, which is part of Centrale Lille and the SKEMA Business School.

16 December 2021 • 2min read

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World Cup 2018: Google Translate Crowned World Champion of Apps!

On Sunday, July 15, a verdict was rendered in the 2018 World Cup. For the second time in its history, the French team found itself on top of the world.

14 December 2021 • 3min read

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You have dreamed about it! Facebook launches an anti-spoiler function!

What’s more annoying and appalling than the events of your favorite series being revealed on your Facebook news feed or on Twitter?

14 December 2021 • 2min read

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Is the iPhone XR a good deal?

Released a few months after the iPhone XS and the XS Max, the smallest, and most recent addition is surprising to say the least. It is not only less expensive, but more autonomous, better looking, and faster.

13 December 2021 • 3min read

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iOS12.1 Always more emojis

The first update of the 12th version of iOS will be released soon and, in addition to correcting some annoying problems, it will also introduce a fresh batch of new emojis.

13 December 2021 • 2min read

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iPadOS 14: What’s new?

In 2019, global giant Apple decided to separate its mobile operating system into two separate programs: iOS for iPhone and iPadOS for tablets.

13 December 2021 • 4min read

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The New Nokia PureView Will Have 5 Cameras

Nokia has many fans all over the world who are going to be thrilled to hear that the famous Finnish brand will be breaking new ground in early 2019.

13 December 2021 • 2min read

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Samsung fans, come out from under your parasols: The Galaxy Note 9 was unveiled on August 9!

8 August 2018 • 3min read

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Hunt down fake news with a chrome plug-in

In the beginning it was a fabulous source of information. But in the past few years, the Internet has become a vast mix of real, satirical, biased, and just plain incorrect data, and it’s not always easy to tell the diff.

26 July 2018 • 3min read

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Confirmed: Not One, but Three New iPhones on the Way!

Will the iPhone product range really expand by three new devices in 2018?

10 July 2018 • 3min read

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The OnePlus 7: 5G-Compatible by 2019?

Even as 4G coverage is still spreading throughout France, 5G, the future standard of mobile phone service, is already just around the corner. In anticipation of the roll-out of this new technology, much faster than those that have come before, smartphone manufacturers are working to ensure the compatibility of their next-generation devices with this future standard.

10 July 2018 • 2min read

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Does Apple want to make Siri (even) smarter ?

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is currently taking place in San José, California. It began on Monday, June 4 and will close on June 8. If the American giant is planning to present its latest innovations, we may hear more about Siri, the smart assistant available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

5 June 2018 • 2min read

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Windows 10: Microsoft wants to (finally) get rid of passwords

Who has not ripped out his hair due to a forgotten password?

20 May 2018 • 2min read

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7 Facebook tips you absolutely need to know

For compulsive Facebook users like you, Back Market reveals 7 tips that will help improve your experience on this extremely addictive website ?.

27 April 2018 • 3min read

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Eight key criteria for choosing the right laptop

Like PCs and conventional desktops, laptop computers can be used for many different purposes. What are the main characteristics you should take into consideration

5 March 2018 • 5min read

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Was Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000 a refurbished broom?

To tell you the truth, we’ve been obsessing over this question for months. It clearly deserves serious investigation. Especially since we’ve been so pleased with the results:

21 January 2018 • 2min read

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10 things killed by the iPhone

The iPhone has transformed our lives, our daily routines, our social relationships and, unfortunately our bank accounts (hello iPhone 8!)

10 January 2018 • 3min read