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Cyriac Barrois, Buyback Operations Manager at Back Market

I’m originally from Lille in France. In 2018, I graduated from ITEEM, which is part of Centrale Lille and the SKEMA Business School.

16 December 2021 • 2min read

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World Cup 2018: Google Translate Crowned World Champion of Apps!

On Sunday, July 15, a verdict was rendered in the 2018 World Cup. For the second time in its history, the French team found itself on top of the world.

14 December 2021 • 3min read

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You have dreamed about it! Facebook launches an anti-spoiler function!

What’s more annoying and appalling than the events of your favorite series being revealed on your Facebook news feed or on Twitter?

14 December 2021 • 2min read

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Is the iPhone XR a good deal?

Released a few months after the iPhone XS and the XS Max, the smallest, and most recent addition is surprising to say the least. It is not only less expensive, but more autonomous, better looking, and faster.

13 December 2021 • 3min read

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iOS12.1 Always more emojis

The first update of the 12th version of iOS will be released soon and, in addition to correcting some annoying problems, it will also introduce a fresh batch of new emojis.

13 December 2021 • 2min read

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iPadOS 14: What’s new?

In 2019, global giant Apple decided to separate its mobile operating system into two separate programs: iOS for iPhone and iPadOS for tablets.

13 December 2021 • 4min read

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The New Nokia PureView Will Have 5 Cameras

Nokia has many fans all over the world who are going to be thrilled to hear that the famous Finnish brand will be breaking new ground in early 2019.

13 December 2021 • 2min read

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Which OS for which Mac?

Find out if you can update your Mac with the newest Apple OS

23 September 2021 • 3min read

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Which version of iOS for which phone? Compatibility list.

Programmed software obsolescence is the acceleration of a device’s aging by updating its operating system. It’s ugly, and it’s extremely pernicious.

23 September 2021 • 1min read

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That’s What Friends Are For

Helping one another, that is. That’s why we’re proud to launch our referral program: you can help a friend save $10 on their first purchase, and they can help you save at least $20 the next time you buy renewed electronics at Back Market.

25 January 2021 • 2min read

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Why is Google killing the Pixel 3a?

Coming soon to an e-graveyard near you is Google’s highly-rated Pixel 3a smartphone.

16 July 2020 • 4min read

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A Day at Home with Back Market

So, how’s quarantine going for you? After two weeks, it looks like people fall into two groups: the ones who are getting used to it and think it’s “actually not so bad,” and the ones who are getting a sinking feeling that we may be stuck staying home until summer at this rate.

16 April 2020 • 4min read

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Samsung Galaxy S9 vs S8 : comparison and major differences

Many of you prefer to buy a phone adapted to your actual needs rather than opting for the latest model.

21 February 2020 • 5min read

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Back Market Lab: Test of the iPhone 8

If you don’t have € 1,000 to invest in a new smartphone, but still want respectable performance, the iPhone 8 may be just the ticket!

23 January 2020 • 5min read

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What if we didn’t put any new stuff under the Christmas tree this year?

We’ve got a great idea to help you avoid over-spending and reduce your carbon footprint at Christmas!

19 December 2019 • 1min read

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Back Market Lab: test of the iPhone XS, an efficient update, but that’s it!

The iPhone XS: good performance, better photos and a smaller ecological footprint. Something we can get our teeth into!

8 December 2019 • 5min read

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iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9: A Comparison

We all can agree that the iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S9 represent the very best that Apple and Samsung, respectively, have to offer in 2018. Obviously, we wanted to make a head-to-head comparison between the two.

27 November 2019 • 3min read