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Back Market’s Top Products for Black Friday

November 2018

Black Friday is fast approaching: The big day is Friday (of course), November 23! This is the perfect opportunity, with just about a month to go before Christmas, to get a head start on your holiday shopping. Back Market wouldn’t miss out on this chance to offer you some great deals. Here are some of the most enticing options.

First of all, where does “Black Friday” come from?

Like so many things, it originated in the States. Did you already figure that one out? No surprise there, my clever readers. This late-November tradition falls the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. – the moment when Americans officially assume their battle stations for Christmas shopping. So unlike the connotations the expression may have in some countries, this “black Friday” has absolutely nothing to do with traffic predictions! Black Friday first made an appearance in France via U.S.-based brands back in 2013, originally involving online sales, but it has since become a common trend for in-store shopping in France as well.


Want to get a cell phone for Grandma Nancy? Or just get a different one for yourself? Why not try to find a great deal on an iPhone 7Back Market offers this refurbished smartphone in black (just like the Friday in question!) starting at €296, unlocked and with 32GB storage – nothing to sneeze at, and it would be a perfect fit for your purse or the back pocket of your jeans. A 44% discount gives you food for thought, right?

For an even less expensive option, you’ll find that we offer an iPhone 6S, with 64GB storage, unlocked of course, in an out-of-this-world color: cosmic grey. Aside from a few scratches and a bit of normal wear and tear, it’s in great shape and looking forward to a promising new lease on life in your dainty hands. Starting at 47% off, this little gem of refurbished technology is available for €237. Just like that, you’ll have a Christmas gift all wrapped up.

Ah, but wait: there’s something even more affordable, and there’s more to life than Apple (even if an apple a day does keep the doctor away). What would you think of a 65% discount? Sounds pretty good, right? We currently have a Samsung Galaxy S7, unlocked for use with any carrier, reigning over the shop. 32GB storage, black like a moonless night, this light, thin smartphone with its large screen won’t let you down! Especially when it starts at just €200…
And of course, all refurbished smartphones sold by Back Market are delivered with compatible charger and earbuds.

Computers and Tablets

As for computers, what might catch your eye? How about a refurbished MacBook Pro at 54% off – yes, I really said 54%, for this little powerhouse with a 13” screen and a 2.5 GHz Core i5 processor. Ladies and gents, it’s equipped with an HDD 500GB hard drive and 8GB RAM. Might this be the right time to get something to replace your old, sluggish PC?

We’ll wrap up this preview with an Apple tablet, the iPad Air 2. We refurbished it, you voted for it (with a 6.7/7 rating from 75 backers!): it boasts a 9.7” screen and 64GB of storage. It’s ideal for browsing online with a wi-fi connection and has an attractive cosmic grey exterior that fits it like a glove (or a slipcover).

The Red and the Black

Why on earth is this Friday called “black”? The answer has to go with accounting books and dates back to the times when (nearly) all record-keeping was done by hand. Red ink was used for the day’s sales totals until the annual figures moved from loss to profit. After that, it was time to break out the black ink! It will come as no surprise that this late-November shopping holiday, featuring incredible special offers, marked many shopkeepers’ opportunity to move from the red into the black.



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