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That’s What Friends Are For

January 2021

Helping one another, that is. That’s why we’re proud to launch our referral program: you can help a friend save $10 on their first purchase, and they can help you save at least $20 the next time you buy renewed electronics at Back Market


You already know that money can’t buy happiness, so just to make it clear, that’s not all you’re sharing with your pals when you send them your referral code. You’re also sharing with them a small way that they can make the world a little bit better.

We are in the middle of an electronic waste crisis that no one is talking about. It’s totally crazy because it’s the fastest growing and most toxic solid waste stream there is (70% of toxic waste comes from our electronics). Only 17.4% of all the electronics we discard are properly recycled…and it’s because no one is trying hard enough. The rate at which new electronics are produced, purchased and then discarded is too fast for the recycling industry to keep pace. The amount of e-waste we produced worldwide in 2019 was 53.6 million metric tons, up by 21% in just 5 years. Keeping electronics in circulation and extending their use helps us make the most out of the resources used to create them, and in the long term can help to slow the pace at which electronics are “consumed” and manufactured.

Buying one renewed device is already something…but spread the word and you start to play a more significant role in the fight against e-waste. Thanks to you—and soon, your friends—maybe someday when people need to buy a device, looking at renewed electronics will be their natural reflex. Maybe we’ll produce a little less waste and be able to recycle a little bit more. Doesn’t that sound like a good thing to you?

For your friends it probably sounds at least as good as getting $10 off something you already wanted in the first place…and for you, as good as getting $20 for doing a good deed (with minimal effort). It’s a win-win-win for you, your friends, and the Earth. Get to it!

Read how to refer a friend here.


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