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Back Market Holds its First-Ever Refurbishing Workshop!

May 2020

Last month, for the first time here at Back Market, our Bordeaux office held a workshop to teach Back Makers (that’s us!) how to refurbish devices. Why? To help us better understand the products we sell. It’s only logical, after all! Since this is the kind of event we generally like to share with you, we’ve put together a little photo album to show you what it was like. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to show off our awesome offices in Bordeaux, where we marked our second anniversary in March 2020.

Why did we do it?

It’s all about the cornerstones of our business: our dealer relationships and quality monitoring for the products sold on our platform. With that in mind, the purpose of every workshop is for us to get our hands dirty, understand how a device works, and learn the basics of a successful repair. That way, we’re able to recognize errors made in the after-sales services  or refurbishing processes, as well as develop a more comfortable relationship with our dealers and customers.

At this first workshop, our Quality Account Managers (who handle dealer relations and quality assurance) and our Customer Care Specialists (who ensure customer satisfaction) tried their hands at refurbishing an iPhone. It was a great start to the program, with about 50 Back Makers participating.

We have long-term plans to hold similar workshops at our New York and Paris offices, getting every department involved and examining all kinds of products (smartphones, laptops, game consoles, etc.) and services (such as iCloud). The possibilities are endless, and all of us are excited to see where this initiative leads.

How did it look?

As a bonus, here are a few photos of our offices in Bordeaux:

We’ll be back soon to share more adventures!


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