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The case for Back Market

We get it. It’s not easy to put your trust in a company that isn’t a household name yet, especially when it comes to electronics. After all, people rely heavily on their devices, and defects can take a while to manifest themselves. Beyond that, most folks are afraid of getting scammed.

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2019, The Year of the Foldable Screens

It’s signed, sealed, and delivered: the year 2019 marks the arrival of screens that you can actually fold! At the CES consumer technology conference, held in Las Vegas at the beginning of January, it’s all anyone was talking about (well, that and 5G…). This flexible technology applied to screens has already been released in China and the United States, and is poised to hit Europe this year. Mind-bending, isn’t it?

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Surprising Innovations

The boundless creativity of the most talented engineers in the High Tech industry is more promising than ever when it comes to developing surprising devices. 2020 will be no exception to the rule! 

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Keeping your private life private

Rihanna and Meghan Markle aren’t the only ones who have the right to privacy. You probably don’t think about it on a daily basis, but we bet that your internet use has the same effect on your privacy as a cross-country train trip in a thong…Here are a few good habits to practice daily in order to protect your personal data (as much as possible). Back Market is here, don’t worry. 

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Shortcuts to take iOS to the next level

We’ve come so far since the release of the first version of the very first smartphone! The iPhone revolution came along and blew away everything in its path. Now an ergonomic arms race has pushed Apple and its pals to focus endless creativity and ingenuity on making daily use more intuitive and, above all, on prioritizing an ever-increasing number of functions and apps. You too can rule over your iPhone and impress your friends with shortcuts even Tim Cook doesn’t know. Back Market is here to give you some awesome tips as usual. 

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The New Nokia PureView Will Have 5 Cameras

Nokia has many fans all over the world who are going to be thrilled to hear that the famous Finnish brand will be breaking new ground in early 2019. In fact, the Nokia 9 PureView is likely to be officially released prior to the Mobile World Congress (held in Barcelona from February 25 to 28). It boasts no fewer than 5 cameras. That takes guts!

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