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maria sanda juriste d'affaires back market

Maria Sanda, Legal Counsel at Back Market

Hello! Who are you?

Hi! I am Maria, I was born in Niger and raised in Paris. I studied law in university Paris 12 and majored in intellectual property and IT law at HEAD law school.

Back Market was my first internship and since everything worked out well, so I have stayed!

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initiatives écologiques smartphone

The BEST earth-friendly initiatives for smartphones

When it comes to being eco-friendly, smartphones aren’t exactly star performers… not by a long shot! But instead of focusing solely on the negatives, it is important to recognize the efforts that manufacturers are making to limit the planetary disaster they’ve dragged us into and learn about initiatives gradually being implemented to reduce the pollution we generate with our precious phones.

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pela case

Pela Case arrives on Back Market!

It’s no secret that Back Market has always sold smartphone cases, helping you give your devices the best possible protection so they can last as long as possible. Now for something new! We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Pela Case to offer their 100% compostable cases, made with flax straw.

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téléphone responsable et écologique

Which brand of Smartphone is the Most Environmentally Friendly and Responsible?

New technologies are part of our daily lives and their impact on our lives will continue to increase. Unfortunately, as you must already know from reading our articles, the digital sector generates a lot of pollution. And it is not really a model of ethical behavior either, the smartphone industry is a perfect example of this. 

So, when you want to choose a responsible smartphone, which brand should you turn to?

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Cyriac Barrois, Buyback Operations Manager at Back Market

Hello! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Sure! My name is Cyriac.

I’m originally from Lille in France. In 2018, I graduated from ITEEM, which is part of Centrale Lille and the SKEMA Business School. I started at Back Market right after school, 2 years ago, to do my end-of-studies internship. At the time, the company had around 80 employees.

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alternatives libres android et ios

The Best Open-Source Alternatives to Android and iOS

These days, smartphones are our most prized possessions! They are always within easy reach, and we turn them on more than a hundred times per day without ever really considering that they deliberately steal our personal data and unabashedly limit our choices because of the operating systems they deploy.

In France, the market research firm Kantar Worldpanel found that in the first quarter of 2020, Google and Apple possessed more than 99% of the OS market share (78.8% for Google’s Android, 21.1% for Apple’s iOS).

However, today’s consumers are becoming more and more wary of the big names in technology. Whether it be a lack of ethics when it comes to privacy or security issues associated with applications, alternative, open-source operating systems and applications are now being sought to regain control of personal data and extend the lifespan of devices.

Back Market put these alternatives to the test.

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