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What do the grades on Back Market mean?

The Back Market grades are like the Spice Girls: each with their own personality, yet some sing better than others. For our devices (smartphone or other) it’s a little bit the same, even if each one is tested, verified, cleaned and guaranteed 100% functional.
So, are you more Posh or Sporty?

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The Small Victories of 2020

Making the best of a bad situation.

It’s a common expression, and given how last year went it’s all anyone could really do—us included. This was our mindset when we put together a few initiatives meant to make the world feel just a tiny bit brighter. From reducing our environmental footprint to fighting the digital divide, we wanted to share some of the good things that came out of last year and to start the year off with positive vibes.

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ipados 14

iPadOS 14: What’s new?

In 2019, global giant Apple decided to separate its mobile operating system into two separate programs: iOS for iPhone and iPadOS for tablets. This little difference hasn’t kept the two product lines from sharing the same apps. Nonetheless, the arrival of version 14 of the iPad operating system means Apple’s tablets will now have certain exclusive features that users are going to love! Apple announced its latest developments for iPad during the Special Event Keynote at WWDC 2020. They include access to interactive widgets, dedicated features, etc. Before long, your tablet will be able to do anything a Mac can do!

Here’s our sneak peek at the changes that are coming soon with your next iPadOS update (expected this fall).

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maria sanda juriste d'affaires back market

Maria Sanda, Legal Counsel at Back Market

Hello! Who are you?

Hi! I am Maria, I was born in Niger and raised in Paris. I studied law in university Paris 12 and majored in intellectual property and IT law at HEAD law school.

Back Market was my first internship and since everything worked out well, so I have stayed!

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initiatives écologiques smartphone

The BEST earth-friendly initiatives for smartphones

When it comes to being eco-friendly, smartphones aren’t exactly star performers… not by a long shot! But instead of focusing solely on the negatives, it is important to recognize the efforts that manufacturers are making to limit the planetary disaster they’ve dragged us into and learn about initiatives gradually being implemented to reduce the pollution we generate with our precious phones.

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