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You have dreamed about it! Facebook launches an anti-spoiler function!

December 2021

What’s more annoying and appalling than the events of your favorite series being revealed on your Facebook news feed or on TwitterWhile Twitter has already implemented an anti-spoiler function, Mark Zuckerberg’s firm is preparing to do the same soon.

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How does it work?

The objective of a relevant and well-supplied news feed is to offer a comprehensive set of news corresponding to your areas of interest. The very latest news can literally kill the fun of a new movie or series. Sweetening your news feed through the magic of personalized filtering is therefore an evolution widely anticipated by users.

Tom Holland Avengers GIF by Twitter

The feature, called “Snooze Keyword” on Facebook, allows you to filter the news feed. How? Simply by specifying one or more keywords that will avoid displaying anything in the news feed which includes these keywords and which you want to avoid at all cost!

Thanks to this system, based on the same operation as that of Twitter, each Facebook user will be able to block content for 30 days based on these Keywords, and thus avoid encountering a spoiler!

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This feature is accessible from the menu located at the top and to the left of a posting and also on your smartphones and on all types of devices.

An innovation still being tested

The catch is that there will be a little wait before Mr. & Ms. Everyone enjoys this advanced technology which will certainly be a milestone in the history of the humanity. In fact, “Snooze Keyword” is currently in the test phase and is therefore only available on very few accounts. Be that as it may, if Facebook communicates about it; it is more than likely that it will be open to all in the near future.

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This is a change that is sure to please all fans of TV series who do not wish to learn by chance of the latest schemes of Baron Noir; nor incidentally discover the future of Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen!

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Of course, this anti-spoiler option will not be limited to TV series,  and it will be possible to enter one or more keywords to enable hiding all postings containing them. If Cristiano Ronaldo or Donald Trump annoy you too much, ZAP, you can blacklist them in no time.


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