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7 Facebook tips you absolutely need to know

April 2018

For compulsive Facebook users like you, Back Market reveals 7 tips that will help improve your experience on this extremely addictive website ?.

1. Stop automatic video play

On Facebook, videos play automatically. A cat in a bikini here, a much too clean rat over here… Had enough of these namby-pamby videos? Go to the video settings section and click “No” on the “Auto-Play Videos” option. Note: you’ll have to do this again on your mobile app (Settings > Auto-Play).

2. Download a copy of your Facebook data

Had enough of Facebook? So mad you want to close your account? Mmmm, ok, fine, but how do you get back all the personal data you posted with love over all the years? No worries, it’s possible to download a copy of this invaluable treasure onto your computer or smartphone. To download it, in your account settings, choose the option “Download a copy of your Facebook data,” then click “Create File.” You will then have to enter your password. One last click on “Create File” and you’re all set!

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3. Obtain fake “likes”

By registering at, you can obtain a large number of ? if you feel like boosting your popularity. This is a site that shares Facebook likes, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, etc. By liking other people’s pages and posts, you receive points. You can also purchase points. Next, you trade them for likes on your page/post. To earn a lot of likes, you can distribute them manually (or use macros to do it automatically… and in so doing get around the sites rules. Yes, it’s true).

4. Designate a legacy contact for after when you’re gone

This tip wins a medal for being the most morbid. Do you want everyone to continue following your Facebook account after you’re gone? You can make it happen in your account’s general settings (Settings > General > Manage Account)! There, you can simply designate a legacy contact, who will be authorized to manage your account after you leave this world! And, yes, Facebook really thinks of everything. This will give your friends a chance to pay homage to you online one last time.

5. Have only one name on Facebook

Do you want to hide your last name on Facebook and only show your first name or nickname? You know, like Anonymous4ever or SuperMemer? It’s possible with Mozilla Firefox, an Indonesian proxy (Yes, Indonesian) and being bilingual (Yes, it is possible). In Firefox > Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings, specify proxy “” and port “3128.”
In Facebook, change your language to “Bahasa Indonesia” then in “Privacy settings,” delete “middle name” and “last name” and keep “first name,” before changing back to English. All this assumes you have carefully noted the fields before changing the language (unless of course your cousin Quentin is fluent in Indonesian).

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6. Delete multiple apps at the same time

The time when you had to delete apps one by one is over. Annoying and time consuming, right? Now, all you have to do is go to the “Applications” section in order to select the applications you’d like to get rid of. And, then, all you have to do is confirm you want to delete them!

7. Prevent others from identifying you in a post

Annoyed that your Facebook page is tagged in photos/videos or that your page is mentioned in other people’s posts or comments? Take action and easily disable it: in Settings > General > Timeline and Tagging, uncheck “Allow people and other pages to tag {your page} before saving your change. All done!

And there you have it, some practical tips to continue making the best (or worst) use of Facebook. And you, do you know any other tips? To your keyboards!

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