5 blockbuster Christmas presents

Don’t trip up this Christmas! Take some time to start thinking about presents now, instead of waiting until the last minute. Our selection of repackaged products are full of great gift ideas that are sure to light up your loved ones’ faces. You can do better than a box for chocolates, right?

#1 – unlocked iPhone 8


Pinch yourself – did you really wake up to your dream iPhone on Christmas morning? What if we told you we’re offering a 64 Gb iPhone8 Gold for under €500? It’s true! That’s how we do Christmas here at Back Market. We promise – the smartphone is unlocked but we’re locked into this sale.

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#2 – A laptop is the golden ticket

Can’t beat a MacBook Pro for 2019, right? It’s just the right computer to help you fulfill some of your great New Year’s resolutions. 35% off a 13-inch digital dream. What better opportunity to trade in your tired, noisy, infuriating old PC?

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#3 – An easy, breezy iPad

Sticking with the Apple family, here’s the perfect tablet for Dad, who doesn’t understand computers and can’t manage the tiny buttons on his mobile phone. It’s the perfect compromise, and you can immediately “borrow” it to watch YouTube on the couch. Especially since an iPad Air from €289 is a 42% discount. Incredible but true!

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#4 – Beats Headphones

Glad tidings to all you music fans. Wireless Beats Solo3 headphones with 40 hours of battery life – how does that sound? They charge in just 5 minutes, so you throw them on right out of the box! Just the thing to get you through Christmas dinner with uncle Roger, so you don’t have to hear him go on about the good old days of his wild youth for the 100th time. Great sounds for the right price, thanks Back Market!

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#5 – Mini Drone, mini price

Be the pilot you’ve always wanted to be with the gift of a Parrot Drone. Use it to drive the neighbor’s dog crazy or race it around the Christmas tree – this ultra-compact drone promises great fun both indoors and outdoors. You can pilot it with your smartphone or iOS, android, or Windows tablet, so snag it off the runway with a 42% discount!

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