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April 2020

conséquences 5G

What are the Environmental Impacts of 5G?

5G is already operational in countries such as China and South Korea, and is increasingly anticipated in Europe. This new technology is the fifth generation of wireless communication and is the successor to the current 4G. Developed to handle the growing volume of data and modern digital business, 5G will enable greater exchange and storage capacities. In order to do this, this technology will require a hitherto unheard-of millimeter wave bandwidth in the range of 30 to 300 GHz.

In France, the first offers should be launched by the end of the year if current conditions regarding COVID-19 still permit it.

5G technology has been a highly controversial subject for several years now and it is far from being unanimously accepted. The reason for this, aside from the digital opportunities 5G offers, is that it also raises fears of an unprecedented environmental disaster on a planetary scale.

“To dare; that is the price of progress,” said Victor Hugo in Les Misérables. But at what price?

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télétravail confinement

A Day at Home with Back Market

So, how’s quarantine going for you? After two weeks, it looks like people fall into two groups: the ones who are getting used to it and think it’s “actually not so bad,” and the ones who are getting a sinking feeling that we may be stuck staying home until summer at this rate.

Either way, sharing our struggles keeps us from getting too lonely, whether our kids are driving us up the wall, we want to kill our neighbors, or we’re about to take revenge on our messy roommates by giving their stuff away to whoever’s walking by. Don’t despair! Come join us for our daily Back Market routine. 

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14 Useful and Fun Tips and Tricks for Your Smartphone

Today most of us are pretty inseparable from our smartphone. But apart from using the phone, text messages, email and social media functions, most of us don’t really know just how jam packed these technological gems are with hidden super practical or fun functions, whether you have an Android or iPhone. We have taken a little look at these different features and included what we considered the most useful or the most fun in this article. Exploiting the full potential of your smartphone.

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