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February 2020

digital pollution

What’s The Impact Of Digital Pollution?

“If you look at its entire life cycle, just sending a 1-megabyte email is equivalent to using a 60-watt light bulb for 25 minutes (Françoise Berthoud, computer technician at the Gricad research center)

Belief in a “virtual” world is probably one of the biggest illusions of our time.The Internet is not intangible, and digital pollution is a very real thing. It’s very easy to forget that supporting Internet requires building and maintaining thousands of data centers to store information, miles of networks to carry it, and millions of computers, tablets, and smartphones to connect to them. Obviously, this comes with a cost.

But how big? And how can we make it smaller?

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Turning trash into treasure

We just had a great idea: what if you gave someone special precious metals from recycled phones for Valentine’s Day?

Not convinced? It’s really not that absurd when you realize that 7% of the world’s gold is in electronic waste. So if you want to do a little something for the planet while giving an original gift, we have what you need!

Back Market has teamed up with the brand Nowa and designer Eva Schreuder to launch G.Old, a jewelry collection created from recycled phones.

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