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November 2019

iPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy S9

iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9: A Comparison

We all can agree that the iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S9 represent the very best that Apple and Samsung, respectively, have to offer in 2018. Obviously, we wanted to make a head-to-head comparison between the two. Our verdict: The Samsung S9 offers better connectivity, longer battery life, and best audio quality, while the iPhone XS is more powerful and takes better photos. Aside from that, it’s all a matter of taste. Our comparison guide is here to help you choose.

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test iPhone 11 Pro

Back Market Lab: test of the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple’s Golden Boy

It’s no secret: Apple‘s sales have been down since the beginning of 2019, and the latest addition to the iPhone line is being hailed as its long-awaited savior. The competition has been redefining quality standards at every level, but the iPhone 11 is supposed to give Apple back its shine. It’s supposed to dazzle us as well. We tested it with just one question in mind: does the iPhone 11 Pro have what it takes to save Apple?

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“Productivity”: An Empty Word on an Empty Planet

A few days before the UN climate summit, young people, NGOs, and companies all over the world joined together to take stock of our priorities, with the latest IPCC report on the oceans providing context. There’s no denying it anymore: It is high time for us to take action –and demand that our governments and economic stakeholders do the same. With this in mind, Back Market participated in this joyful parade of signs on Friday, September 20, 2019.

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