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October 2018

Even a Tesla is recyclable!

Back Market is apparently not alone in being a fan of reconditioning ?

Tesla, for those not yet familiar with it, is Elon Musk’s company specializing in electric automobiles. While its first two models were produced on a small scale and sold at exorbitant prices, the Tesla Model 3 is the Californian manufacturer’s first mass-produced model, which will help to reduce the purchase price. Over 100,000 units have been produced since the summer of 2017.

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What are the alternatives to the new iPhone?

The iPhone XS just came out and you do not have the resources, are not frankly convinced, or are doing an anti-Apple crusade? What solutions are available to you in the vast smartphone market to find the one that suits you and competes with the iPhone at a (much) better price?

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iPhone: Top Tips to Free up Storage Space

You just love that pocket-sized computer known as your iPhone, and we fully understand. There’s just one problem: the storage space! Are you tired of seeing “insufficient storage space” pop up at the most inconvenient times? Back Market lists the simple steps you can take on your device to free up maximum memory. 
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Every day, every hour, every minute, and even every second, billions of e-mail messages crisscross the globe, bouncing from one inbox to another at lightning speed. In all, they amount to approximately 205 billion messages annually, according to a 2015 report from the European Commission, a figure that could rise to 246 billion by 2019 according to the same sources – and that doesn’t even include spam. In other words, e-mail represents a giant step forward for better, faster communication technology, but it’s disastrous in terms of environmental impact, in the sense that all this correspondence uses a great deal of energy, generating greenhouse gases.

What happens when the Internet endangers our environment?

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Samsung is announcing two new models of the Galaxy for the beginning of 2019. The Galaxy S10 will be equipped with a 6.2-inch screen and the S10 will have a 6.44-inch screen. We have also heard that Samsung has designed a third model with a smaller screen measuring 5.8 inches. The 4K/Ultra HD screens will offer a resolution of 600 ppi. According to the analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, screens should measure 6.1 and 6.4 inches. These differences are not notable, and no one would notice them, no matter their actual format.

So, here are the different rumors we have heard, which can be confirmed in a few months.

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