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July 2018

fake news

Hunt down fake news with a chrome plug-in

In the beginning it was a fabulous source of information. But in the past few years, the Internet has become a vast mix of real, satirical, biased, and just plain incorrect data, and it’s not always easy to tell the diff. Is it hard, even impossible, to know which way to turn? Back Market has discovered a plug-in that can help you sort it out. Continue Reading

oneplus 7-5g

The OnePlus 7: 5G-Compatible by 2019?

Even as 4G coverage is still spreading throughout France, 5G, the future standard of mobile phone service, is already just around the corner. In anticipation of the roll-out of this new technology, much faster than those that have come before,  smartphone manufacturers are working to ensure the compatibility of their next-generation devices with this future standard.
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