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April 2018

Emojis paint the town red

Emojis are so omnipresent in our daily lives that we start to think our IRL (In Real Life) conversations need a ? or a ??, and probably a ??‍♂️ .
The enduring popularity of these universal symbols (since the days when you first typed “;-)” to your seventh-grade crush on your Nokia 3310) is a barometer of social media and pop culture.
And, as it does every year, the Unicode committee has officially announced the new additions for 2018.
Back Market brings you our favorites. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Make Your Gadget Habit Earth-Friendly For Earth Day

We’re becoming more conscientious as a society about our impact on our planet. But something that we often tend to neglect is the high environmental cost of the laptops, smartphones, and tablets we use daily. While their usage takes up relatively low amounts of energy and produces little in terms of toxic outputs (aside from maybe loud conversations in restaurants and texts from exes) their manufacture is an entirely different story. In fact, 75% of the energy consumed by a device during its lifespan happens before its box is ever opened by the buyer. Continue Reading