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January 2018

Bitcoin, an energy consumption black hole

Bitcoin is the new Godwin’s law:  it’s a topic that arises out of nowhere and that very few people really understand, but it comes up as the conversation grows longer.  In addition to generating a roller coaster ride for speculators (1 bitcoin was worth up to $10,000 before promptly plunging in value) numerous scientists have suggested that it causes massive pollution… And since it’s here to stay, we have to find a way to deal with it, but differently.

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10 things killed by the iPhone

The iPhone has transformed our lives, our daily routines, our social relationships and, unfortunately our bank accounts (hello iPhone 8!)  It’s also a silent killer, eliminating more than a few habits and items from our daily lives, making them has-beens in less time than it takes to download a new iOS version…

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10 Hidden Tricks On Your Mac

Beyond the beautiful mountain landscape visible on the desktop by default, there’s an intuitive operating system with a user interface that’s a lot easier to understand than you may have previously thought. Continue Reading