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December 2017

Once Upon a Circular Economy

We all know about 1001 Nights but have you heard of 1001 Lives? It’s a beautiful story written by several authors, most of all, you. Are you comfortably seated? OK, let’s get started.

Once upon a time there was a mixed-up bunch of words. Their names were Sorting, Recycling, Sustainable Development and Circular Economy. These are somewhat familiar terms that we may have encountered at least once in our lives. One day, Circular Economy met Back Market. We won’t hide the fact that it was love at first site (get it? Site/Sight). We believe that love is meant to be shared. And your smartphones are at the heart of the matter. Here’s why.   Continue Reading

Spotted In Sweden: the world’s first supermarket dedicated entirely to recycled products

With 99% of its household waste recycled, Sweden is one of the places leading the way in the circular economy, and since 2015 has been home to a unique shopping mall unlike any other in the world: one completely dedicated to recycled products and the activities associated with them. The birthplace of this completely new kind of shopping mall is the city of Ekilstuna, 62 miles from the Swedish capital, financed by the local council in partnership with a business in the area. Continue Reading